Alaska: Summer 2014

The Last Frontier, The Great Frontier, The 49th State, Seward's Folly. Otherwise known as Alaska. My wife and I and her family spent about 10 days in the great state (not to be confused with The Great State), hiking, riding, trekking and overall enjoying the beauty of Alaska and all it's wonders. Anchored in Anchorage, we visited places like Chugach State Park, Seward, Denali National Park and Homer. Each as beautiful as the last.

It's also great for photography. Not only are there plenty of wildlife and amazing vistas, there is an abundance of daylight at almost 18 hours per day. The only downside is that the golden hour starts at around 1030p near sunset and 4a near sunrise.

Check out the pictures below and if you see something you fancy, head on over to the PRINT STORE!

Shout out to Wasilla. We stopped at the post office there, but there were no Palins in sight.  


Geoff Greenwade, CEO of Green Bank for the Houston Chronicle

A little over a week ago I photographed Geoff Greenwade, the CEO of Green Bank headquartered here in Houston, TX. The occasion was the bank's announcement that they would be going public. I like the images I made with Mr. Greenwade and I'm sure the news that Green Bank is going public is great for a lot of people. But what is most interesting to me is that I've driven by this place about a hundred times and never thought twice about it except that it was a pretty cool building. Then one day, I got a call to meet and photograph the CEO. Too bad he's a Cowboys fan.


Capturing the Personalities of 6th and 7th Graders

Last month, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a fun bunch of quirky and bright 6th and 7th graders in their middle school library. Which, by the way, no longer uses a card catalog. Did y'all know that? I digress. The seamless went up, the lights were on and I was ready for action.

I didn't have very long with each kid but as soon as they stepped on the white and I asked them a few questions, their personalities shined through! There were athletes, actors, writers, musicians, dancers and artists all in this small group of 12 and 13-year-old children. The future is bright. Very, very bright! Click HERE to check out the full gallery!


Houston's Historic First Ward

I photographed a woman named Gloria Vera a few weeks ago for the Houston Chronicle's Spanish language off-shoot, La Voz. Vera, who grew up in the First Ward neighborhood of Houston was on a mission to get the area designated as a historic district. She wanted to see her quaint neighborhood stay intact with single family homes and views of the city's skyline and not overrun by 3 or more storied apartment buildings. On May 28th, she got her wish as the Houston City Council voted in favor of designating First Ward as a historic district.


Happy Almost Father's Day!

Happy Almost Father's Day ya'll! I'm gonna celebrate the 2nd place of parental holidays with a few portraits of my old man. After my creativity inducing trip to the Palm Springs Photo Festival, I decided I needed to make more portraits. And who better to start with than the most accessible subjects? Family. The first person on the list was Mike Sr.

I originally, wanted to shoot in a large open field that I was sure existed out in the wild west of Katy, TX. But after about a half hour of scouting, there was nothing easily accessible for the truck. As a side note, subdivisions in the suburbs of Houston emerge often and very quickly. Thanks to the HOA (haters) he can't park his work truck in the neighborhood so he rents a spot at a nearby storage facility down the street. I checked it out and figured we could make it work.

It had been a pretty long work day for Mike Sr., so I greeted him with a tall boy of Budweiser before we got the photo party started. In the end, I accomplished my goal of making more portraits, drank some brews with the old man and added to my tangible collection of family memories. Shout out to dads...Happy Almost Father's Day!


Hockey Night in Houston for the Houston Chronicle

As a freshman in college, I saw a flyer hanging in a hallway of my dorm. It was an informational meeting for American University's Club Hockey Team and I decided to attend. New city, new people, new experiences, right? I met a guy at the meeting from Houston who loved hockey, but that was pretty much the beginning and end of my hockey career. I don't know what I was thinking.

On a trip home sometime in the early to mid-2000s I saw a billboard near the old Compaq Center (now Joel Osteen's church) trying to woo visiting NHL officials to bringing a team here. That also didn't happen. But that doesn't mean the city lacks fans!

I went to The Maple Leaf Pub near downtown Houston for a story the Chronicle was running on hockey in Houston. The New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins were going to do battle in game 7 of the conference semis. Their respective fans, present in the bar, were a little more jovial. The intensity of the crowed peaked at the beginning of the game and the very end. I'm not even a hockey fan but I'd head to The Maple Leaf Pub to catch a game or two. Why not? Check out the article HERE.

This dog is named Lil' Willie Stargell


Grandma's, chillin'.

Just a few snaps of a family gathering at Grandma's house on Mother's Day.

Lena Mae the Grandmother

LaToya the Sister

Floyd the Uncle and Dave the Cousin

Shadow the Pit Puppy