The Goodman League: Day 3

Day 3 of my Goodman League coverage and we take the basketball party inside to the hardwood. During the weekend the Goodman League oversees the Goodman Coalition which showcases 2 high school and 3 pro-am contests at Spingarn High School in Washington DC. Unlike in the outdoor games, the participants are a little more eager to hit the floor for loose balls and take a chance on the lightning quick passes that miss their mark under the darkness inside "da Gates".

So far I'm 3 for 3 in shooting on days where former and current NBA players show up. The first two times it was Kevin Durant. This time it was Ty Lawson and all time Big East leading scorer (who knew?) and Syracuse alum Lawrence Moten, scoring at will at 39 years of age. James Harden got major props for putting in 51 at The Drew League out in LA but Lawson came through with 47...that's gotta be good for something right? AND Old Man Moten poured in 33.

A few observations:
- Ty Lawson is quicker than I am
- Bobby Maze former Tennessee Volunteer (yellow Adidas) looks a lot like Allen Iverson
- Coaches were actually coaching
- Lawrence Moten (cornrows) was born to score
- ink, ink and more ink

Shout out once again to Miles and Mac for keeping the Goodman going.
Ty Lawson Denver NuggetsTy Lawson Denver NuggetsLawrence Moten Syracuse


The Goodman League: Day 2

June 7, 2011. Day two of the league and my second day in attendance. My goal is to find something new at this place while going back day after day. Something not new? Kevin Durant. He was back again looking to avenge his loss.

The crowd is extremely close to the action which creates an atmosphere in which players and spectators can engage in intimate conversations. Someone watching the game yells to Durant, "KD, KD! Bust his ass!" To which the player guarding KD responds to the heckl
er, "How about Iplay you? Put some money up!"

There's a lot going on at the courts nicknamed the BF Coliseum and I'm just starting to scratch the surface. According to the man with the mic, Miles Rawls, the venue was packed, "35,000 strong". I'm not sure, but I might need a recount on that.


The Goodman League: Day 1

I've been thinking about shooting out here for a long time. Back when I was still in school and Gilbert Arenas was drawing Kobe comparisons in Washington DC, I was thinking about it. The problem was that all I did was think about it.

This summer, man this is very tough, I'm gonna take my talents to Southeast and photograph The Goodman League. (In my Lebron James voice). Seriously though, The Goodman League has a 30 year history of hosting some of the best ballers in the country on the outdoor courts of Barry Farms. On any given evening, you never know who might show up.

I've always enjoyed the competition that outdoor basketball incites. The ground is harder, the sun is hotter and every point is more difficult to score than the last. So why not, once again, mix two of the things I love the most and spend some time making photographs.

June 6, 2011 was day one of the league. The crowd was thick for two reasons: opening night and Kevin Durant. Yes the two time scoring champ and pride of Montrose Christian showed up to play ball with the playoff exit wounds still fresh. He came through in a pair of bright yellow sneakers and armed with a wicked jump shot. Everyone wanted a piece of the NBA star whether trying to cross him up or D him up but KD played emotionless, sinking jumper after jumper. His team took the L in a close game but his appearance kicked off a great start to the season. Shout out to Miles Rawls and Mac Williams...preciate it!