Lime is the new Black

This past Sunday, I did a shoot with the creative creators of PageLime. I don't know exactly what they do over there, but you can read this about page and have about the same idea as me. But on a serious note, if you're looking for lime green neckties you can either rob Tom and/or Emil or...yessir. Shout out to umbrellas, oh how I never use thee.


Reebok All American Game(s)

In yet another installment of post season basketball all star activities for the high school kids, Reebok debuted their All-American festivities last Saturday April 18th at the alma mater. Once again...not a whole lot of defense = not great basketball, expected. But unexpected was the fervor with which the participants not only wanted to dunk, but dunk on their opponents.

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The National Pastime

The last time I photographed a baseball game was May 2008...and it shows. Yesterday was the first real sign of not-winter weather so I decided to put lacrosse down and pick up baseball. The light was nice and the game was good enough, but the pictures...

St. Albans beat Landon 5-0. Shout out to the guy blasting the stereo behind home plate between innings. They probably could have heard the music in Baltimore.

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2009 Basketball Capital Classic

The 36th Annual Capital Classic went down last Thursday at the alma mater where the DMV's elite took on some of the country's finest. The two games of the night pitted the District All Stars against the Suburban All Stars (Washington DC suburbs) and the Capital All Stars against the US All Stars. You know how it goes with these all star games...no defense and lots of dunks. Well these were a little different. The first game provided no defense, no dunks, lots of layups and a second half comeback. The second game provided no defense, a few dunks and a huge blowout. I guess the DMV's talent is the best in the country. Shout out to Rafael Guthrie who had a great game and was apparently playing for a scholarship...any scholarship.

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Isaiah Armood, Montrose Christian attending Villanova

Rashad Whack, Bishop McNamara attending George Mason

Talib Zanna, Bishop McNamara attending Pittsburgh


Capital Classic 3-point and Slam Dunk Contest

Yesterday afternoon I traveled to Gonzaga College High School to photograph the Capital Classic 3-point and Slam Dunk Contest. The Capital Classic is basically a bunch of outstanding, basketball-playing high school seniors who gather in the Washington DC area to compete in an annual all star game that pits the areas top talent against the top talent in the U.S.

The three point contest was just kids shooting threes, so I won't bore you with those pictures. Instead, I will bore you with these...

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Nothing that I haven't really seen before. When it comes to dunk contests, there are no new dunks. The actual contest has turned into the shit-you-do-before-the-dunk dunk contest. The only way to win a dunk contest, in my eyes, is to be 5'6" or shorter and do a backflip over a burning spaceship. But Isaiah Armwood of Montrose Christian took this year's crown by jumping over seven people one of which was 6' 10" teammate Mouphtaou Yarou.


Rare Sunshine Seen at Local Lacrosse Game

So yeah, another day another lacrosse game. I should break this up with some baseball or perhaps, some more portraits (any takers). Whaddya say, Mike? Anyway, I shot the Episcopal v. St. Albans lacrosse game yesterday and got the pleasure of a field bathed in a little late afternoon/early evening sunlight. Too bad Episcopal took that L. At least it was a nice day to do so. Shout out to April Fool's Day...watch EVERYONE and believe NOTHING.

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