McKinley Tech Football...and so it begins.

August is here and football practice on the local high school scene has started. For the past four football seasons, I'd been reporting live from 6315 5th St. NW aka Calvin Coolidge High School. It's like I graduated! Some things went down in March and former Coolidge coach Jason Lane is now leading the helmeted high-schoolers at McKinley Tech. Now I'm shooting them. Colt no more. Trainer for now. Shout out to the Maroon...or Burgundy...I should probably figure that out.

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From ocean side to mountain top. The second leg of the trip consisted of a trip out west to Colorado. The weather was much nicer and EVERYONE runs, jumps, swims, bikes, hikes or climbs at some point in their day. There is a concert venue called Red Rocks and in the early morning, people go there to run up and down the stairs and bleachers. Even while wearing jeans, I felt bad for not participating. There was also a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park which involved an increasingly colder and rainier drive to the top of a mountain. Shout out to the cats paving a windy road on the side of a mountain at 12,000 feet.

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Red Rocks Amphitheater

Forest Canyon Overlook

Boulder, CO

Rainbow Curve


(Florida) Keys Open Doors

If you didn't notice from my baller tweets, I recently spent a week out of the DC area...on assignment. The first leg of the trip was spent in Miami and Key West where there was plenty of blue sky, blue (sometimes aqua) water and palm trees. But what's really amazing is the one, sometimes two lane highway/bridge that connects all of the Florida Keys which was probably a pain in the ass to construct. Even more amazing was a restaurant called Blue Heaven...the food was PHENOMENAL (Jim Rome voice). Shout out to myself and LeBron James for taking ourtalents to South Beach.

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Bahia Honda State Park


On the Road

Made the relatively long drive up to New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago for a wedding. A few highlights: really bad rush hour traffic in New York and Connecticut, dusk, and a diner/truck stop with tons of well written characters. Shout out to Casey for having a wedding ceremony about ten feet from New Hampshire shoreline, pretty awesome.

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Career Fair: The Fed Edition

Every year since about 2002, the Partnership for Public Service puts on a HUGE job fair for people seeking employment within the federal government. For the past few years, this event has taken place at the spacious National Building Museum which provides great light and high vantage points. When I wasn't bumping into people with briefcases and resumes on the ground floor, I was up on the third level looking down. I noticed the line to talk with representatives from the CIA was stretched almost all the way around the building. The Department of Energy, not so much. Shout out to all the people who left their current jobs early that day for the potential greener pastures of the federal government.

Partnership for Public Service National Building MuseumPartnership for Public Service National Building MuseumPartnership for Public Service National Building Museum


Adidas National Lacrosse Classic

Earlier this summer I photographed the Adidas National Lacrosse Classic tournament. It all went down early July when temps were reaching triple digits. I baked for a couple of days with a fiery combination of beaming sun and radiating field turf. Luckily for me, I didn't have to actually play. Shout out to those dedicated LAXers gunning for college scholarships.

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