QB Jake

I got a pretty cool assignment this past weekend to photograph Jake, the quarterback of the Maret School Frogs. The not so cool part of the assignment was that it rained for much of the game and not just normal rain or drizzle. It was a heavy rainforest/monsoon type downpour and sideways rain that I'm not really a big fan of. Luckily for me, I was prepared and able to keep the gear dry but at some points it wasn't even worth taking a picture.

It was a really competitive game but Jake and the Frogs lost to Flint Hill in two overtimes 13-7. Next week, Maret has a shot at redemption against The Potomac School. Shout out to the weather for being uncooperative for most of the game but allowing the sun to come out immediately after it ended.

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Maret Football Jake Genachowski
Maret Football Jake Genachowski
Maret Football Jake Genachowski
Maret Football Jake Genachowski

Maret Football Jake GenachowskiMaret Football Jake Genachowski


Marine Corps Marathoners

I spent all day Sunday cheering my marathon-running girlfriend and her family to the finish line at the Marine Corps Marathon and took a few photos along the way. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and people were running a 26.2 mile course around the Washington DC metro area. Shout out to Abby, Kathy, Mary and Katie for completing the task.

Marine Corps MarathonMarine Corps Marathon
Abby's Mom
Marine Corps MarathonMarine Corps MarathonMarine Corps Marathon

Congratulations Ladies!Marine Corps Marathon


McDonough @ Georgetown Prep Football

Georgetown Prep and McDonough played a Friday late afternoon game... fading light is better than no light. In the 4th quarter as the sun was going down and the game was wrapping up (26-7 with 6 minutes left), I decided to shut it down and head to the Bentzen Ball with my marathon running girlfriend. Randomly, I ran into the editor of DCSportsFan later that night and he informed me that Georgetown Prep had lost 27-26. Read about it here. So what have we learned today? Two things: 1) the game is never over until it's over 2) grown men do talk about high school football when they see each other in the streets on Friday night. I didn't see the end of the game, but shout out to the old cliche "never give up". Sometimes it works.

Georgetown Prep FootballGeorgetown Prep FootballGeorgetown Prep FootballMcDonough FootballGeorgetown Prep Football


Gonzaga @ Archbishop Carroll Football

Nice sunny day, nice blue sky. Yesterday, Washington DC kind of reminded me of this place. But I'm done talking about old stuff. Gonzaga and Archbishop Carroll played a rare Monday high school football game that was postponed because of the terrible weather this past weekend. On paper, I don't know if Carroll was supposed to be in the game as long as they were (14-13 Gonzaga in the 3rd quarter). Eventually, Gonzaga pulled away and went home with the 34-14 victory. Shout out to tight ends. I've never played quarterback (well I've never even played organized football) but it seems like there is no target like a big target.

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Gonzaga FootballGonzaga Football Kevin Hogan
Gonzaga Football


Viva Lost Vegas

I was legal in Las Vegas for the first time in my life last week. When I first touched down, I was enamored with the mountains, clear blue skies and palm trees. That new found fondness dwindled with each unsuccessfully gambled dollar. See ya, Las Vegas. Those trees and blue skies won't bring me back again...unless I'm ballin'. But shout out to Le RĂªve, that was pretty dope.

Las VegasLas VegasLas VegasLas Vegas


Coolidge Football Practice @ 50mm

Fellow photographer Shawn Duffy is working on a 365@50 project where he takes at least one picture a day with a 50mm prime lens for 365 consecutive days. I don't plan on doing that. But I did photograph an entire Coolidge High School football practice using only my 50mm. At f/1.8, its definitely fast enough for sports, but not really long enough. War photographer Robert Capa once said, "if your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough". With the 50mm, I had to get pretty close and was almost run over by a lineman. But because this was football and not war, I was ok. Shout out to former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington for making a special guest appearance for a post practice pep talk.