51 Faces of DC: 2010 Census Portrait Contest

Shout out to the homey and Washington DC record spinner, DJ Anonymous. I photographed him a few times before, but this occasion took place during a break in the Broadway Miller photo shoot. Who knew that a few months later this image would be displayed at Social as part of the 51 faces of DC: 2010 Census Portraits Winners? Not me. So if you can, come on out to Social on April 27th at 7pm for the opening reception. Check out some great photography and have a good time. Dranks on me! (just kidding)

DJ Anonymous


St. John's @ Gonzaga Lacrosse

One day, I'm going to learn how to play this game. I don't know how or when this is going to happen but I'm going to get a stick with a little net and a rubber ball and learn the rules and the basics. If I knew what was going on and could really anticipate the play then my shots would be that much better. So I'm going to take the time to learn this game. I might even try to play it. Shout out to pick-up lacrosse in the Washington DC metro area. Does anyone play?

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The 37th Annual Capital Classic

Well I guess I'm done predicting when the high school basketball season will be over because I've consistently been proven wrong. The 37th Annual Capital Classic took place at the alma mater last Thursday night and just so happens to be the longest running high school basketball all star game in the country. This years US All Star team wasn't as well known as the more popular players chose to go for the McDonald's All-American game and the Jordan Brand Classic. Since high school seniors can only participate in up to two post-season all star games, wouldn't you choose the most famous one and the one with the freshest gear? I must say, the Capital All Star team had some great players this year. Or maybe I'm just biased because I've seen them play all season. Shout out to Elton Brand...did you really sign-off on these sneakers?

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Victor Oladipo (Indiana) over Nate Lubick (Georgetown)
Malcolm Lemmons (Robert Morris)Daryl Traynham (University of Massachusetts)


The Future Hoop Stars of DC

So I lied. Basketball season is still trudging on around the ides of April. DCSportsFan held their first future stars showcase in which freshmen, sophomores and juniors were able to compete in a post season all-star game. I shot a lot of basketball action this year and because I knew the people who were putting on the showcase, I was able to set up and shoot some portraits instead. The plan worked out pretty well. After the game, the players were funneled to my make-shift studio located in the baseball practice room of DeMatha's brand new gym. When they saw all the fun to be had making some pretty cool pictures, they jumped right on board. Shout out to Dustin Snipes. Yeah I straight snatched it.

Quinn Cook
Oliver Ellison
Marcellous Bell


Triple Overtime

Apparently, Georgetown Prep and St. Stephen's & St. Agnes are two of the top high school boys lacrosse programs in the country. And they're both right here in the ol' mid-Atlantic. The play was methodical and precise and if one team made a mistake, the other would quickly capitalize. Read about it here. Although I still don't understand what goes on between the lines on a lacrosse field, it was an intensely played game from the start through the third overtime. St. Stephen's & St. Agnes thought they had the game won in the 2nd overtime but the players foot was in the crease when he shot it (photo below). See me acting like I know what I'm talking about? Georgetown Prep ended the game with a score in the third OT. Shout out to the crease, apparently it's not a good place to be when you're trying to score.

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Georgetown Prep St. Stephens and St. Agnes LacrosseGeorgetown Prep St. Stephens and St. Agnes LacrosseGeorgetown Prep St. Stephens and St. Agnes Lacrosse


Warm LAX: Landon and Coronado

Alright, basketball season is really over this time. On to lacrosse...and sometimes baseball...and maybe even a little spring soccer. I confess, this was actually my second lacrosse game of the season. The first game was a failure that culminated in a combination of unfortunate circumstances. It was still 40 degrees outside + it was windy + the sun was nowhere to be seen + the game was taking forever = me leaving after the 3rd quarter. I know, I know...I'm not proud, but you should have been there. This time, Landon crushed a Coronado team from California who was making an east coast lacrosse trip. Shout out to my two favorite people, Eighty and Sunny...oh how I've missed you so.

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Landon Coronado LacrosseLandon Coronado Lacrosse