2013 Year in Review!

Just a quick recap of last year before I get knee deep into 2014! Here are a few of my highlights (in order of appearance) from the year of the snake:


Luis Salinas for the Houston Chronicle

Luis Salinas was a victim of a scam in which a stranger called his house claiming to be a customs agent at Bush Intercontinental Airport. The stranger claimed that he had Salinas' cousin at customs and wouldn't be able to release him until Salinas wired a sum of money. In this case, it was two different transactions of $1500.


Helicopter Underwater Escape Training for Houstonia Magazine

This assignment from Houstonia Magazine was a bit of a change from sports, but it was still action packed! I photographed something called Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET). It's a training designed to -- well, it's pretty self explanatory. Lots of people who work in the oil and gas industry must take this course because of potential flights to offshore oil rigs. The writer (and American University alum) Peter Holley can probably describe it a little better as he actually went through the training. I did get soaked, but I managed to keep myself above ground...unlike the trainees. Take a look!


Lutheran South Academy Football

As you can tell, I'm getting all of my football posts together shortly after the end of the high school football season. I spent a few games photographing the team for Lutheran South Academy who had high hopes for a TAPPS state championship. They ended up with an 8-3 record and a tough 25-24 loss to Hyde Park Baptist in Austin. Shout out to one of my favorite sports venues to take photographs...the locker room.