Go Skate Day 2009

As I'm driving down 14th St. jamming Wale, I see someone in a bright, turquoise shirt fly up in the air and come right back down. While passing the scene, I see more turquoise shirts, a few Red Bull vehicles, a cop car, skinny jeans, and skateboards...lots of skateboards. I had two good things going for me at that point: 1) It was one of those few days this month that rain was absent in DC and 2) I had my gear. I made a left and another left...and yet another left, looking for parking. Apparently it was Go Skate Day.

Upon closer inspection of the scene, I saw torn skinny jeans, ripped up sneakers, wallet chains, skin artwork (tats and scabs), lots of Red Bull, cigs, 40 oz. bottles and ah yes...purple haze. A ramp was constructed (sponsored by Red Bull: keeping hearts beating unusually fast) in a parking lot and participants took turns risking their bones doing tricks on their boards.

I spent about two hours at that place taking pictures, but I'm still kicking myself for not shooting any portraits. Go Skate Day 2010, coming to a city near you. Shout out to organized chaos.

He finally nailed it.


Meri & Chitamawe

This past Saturday I had the honor and the privilege to photograph the wedding of Meredith and Chitamawe in Towson, Maryland. The bridesmaids were awesome and the groomsmen equally so. But none more fun than the bride and groom themselves. It was indeed a celebration and a truly beautiful occasion. Shout out to people getting together and having a good ass time.


I Am DJ Sickboy

About a week ago I photographed a producer by the name of Sickboy for his new website (currently under construction and currently awaiting the rest of the images). You've seen him here at Untitled before, sans beard. This cat Sickboy makes beats. This cat's beats are fire. If you need some crazy production...holla at Sickboy. I promise he won't hurt you...I promise.


Congressional Bank Classic: Celebration Edition!

Yesterday I wrote that St. Albans won the 2nd annual Congressional Bank Baseball Classic for the second straight year. This is an extension of yesterday's blog, the CELEBRATION edition, if you will. Last year's catcher and pitcher duo opted for the victory hug...

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While this year's opted for the victory tackle...

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Congressional Bank Baseball Classic 2009

Last Saturday was a long one. I'm just going to ignore how many days have passed since the last post and tell you that I shot the 2009 Congressional Bank Baseball Classic which is a showcase of Washington DC high school baseball. Early on, the light was horrible and it didn't matter at all that I was shooting with this monster (not a baller yet, just a renter). At least it didn't rain this year like it did the last.

After the two semi-final games and the all star game, the main event pitted the St. Albans School (private) against Wilson High School (public) to determine the best team in the city (yes that includes the Woeful Nationals). The championship game was a rematch of last years with the same result. Once again shout out to St. Alban's for taking the 'ship and shout out to the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission...just cause.

For more detailed game coverage, visit DCSportsFan.com.

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