Lutheran South Academy Football: Homecoming

Back to back posts on Lutheran South Academy Pioneer football...they must be doing something right. This time, they sent the Second Baptist Eagles back to Woodway and Voss with a 54-42 loss and started homecoming off in style. The Pioneers got a monster of a game from senior RB Justin Matthews with 355 yards rushing and 5 TDs. Shout out to the Homecoming Queen who was quite surprised to get a W of her own.


Lutheran South Academy Football

Is this my first football post of the season? Nope, it's my second...but the first with some real Friday night lights action. A couple of weeks ago, I returned to Lutheran South Academy to photograph a bunch of teenagers toss around the old pigskin. The Pioneers rolled the Danbury High School Panthers 57-19 in a game that went by pretty quickly thanks to a running clock after the first half. I'll be back there tonight for the homecoming game so I'll report in the near future with the results of their performance...and mine.


Charles Clark and Grant Cooper for Bayou City Magazine

Clark Cooper Concepts is led by a couple of guys in the restaurant business here in Houston. Charles Clark and Grant Cooper, a chef and entrepreneur respectively, linked up with me at Brasserie 19, one of their restaurants located in River Oaks. I had to navigate around vacuum cleaners and the waitstaff preparing to open the restaurant during scouting and set up, but we made it work. I was well aware that Clark and Cooper had much more important things to do than stand in front of my camera but who knew they were going to actually show me! I kid. I had a blast photographing the pair for the feature. Shout out to Libby Ingrassia over at Bayou City Magazine...let's do it again!


Jimmy "Louisiana" Dotson

About a month ago, I photographed Blues musician Jimmy "Louisiana" Dotson at his home in Alief for the Houston Chronicle. During the session we chatted about music, all the places he's lived and his time spent as a successful book salesman. At 80 years old, he doesn't play and perform nearly as much as he used to but he still likes to get down. Check out the write up on him in the Houston Chronicle.

Shoutout to Alief! My hometown within my hometown.