Ty Lawson for Dime Magazine

While in DC for Capital Punishment, I photographed Ty Lawson in his Maryland "crash pad". The lockout was still going strong and Lawson was soon on his way to Lithuania, but not before he participated in the most anticipated lockout game of the summer. Shouts to Dime Magazine and shouts to Ty Lawson...good dude.

Go get #67 with Kyrie Irving on the cover. I've had photos in back-to-back issues of Dime so far...hopefully we can keep the streak going.


Full Contact, No Pads

Who does this? A few guys I played basketball with earlier this summer apparently do.

The weather here in Sacramento has taken a turn for the worse. With highs of 55 (I know, frigid) and the sun still setting pretty early, the outdoor basketball season has been over for a while now. But the fellas have moved on to another outdoor activity. Full contact, tackle football with no padding to speak of. Of course a few of the guys came prepared with mouth guards because heaven forbid you get a busted lip or bite your tongue.

Although people were wearing running shoes, pajama pants and 3XL t-shirts, these guys were playing like they were in full uniform. They were live blocking, lowering shoulders and hitting receivers who dared to go over the middle. No thanks.

I like to indulge in sporting competition, but this is something I'll gladly remain on the sideline for. Luckily, there weren't any major injuries on the playing field at Stanford Park. I do hope that they all have insurance...


On Tour with Michelle Rhee and Kevin Johnson

Michelle Rhee, former Chancellor of DC public schools and her husband Kevin Johnson, current mayor of Sacramento have become the ultimate power couple of California's capital city. The two, under the banner of her education reform non-profit Students First, have embarked on a tour of California to have a 'conversation about education'. And I had the privilege of documenting the first stop in San Diego.

Michelle got a lot of love. People clamored to talk, touch, take a photo and share their individual education stories and ideas. KJ didn't get as much. I, however, was plotting on how to get revenge on the well documented Hakeem Conqueror. Go Rockets.