Full Contact, No Pads

Who does this? A few guys I played basketball with earlier this summer apparently do.

The weather here in Sacramento has taken a turn for the worse. With highs of 55 (I know, frigid) and the sun still setting pretty early, the outdoor basketball season has been over for a while now. But the fellas have moved on to another outdoor activity. Full contact, tackle football with no padding to speak of. Of course a few of the guys came prepared with mouth guards because heaven forbid you get a busted lip or bite your tongue.

Although people were wearing running shoes, pajama pants and 3XL t-shirts, these guys were playing like they were in full uniform. They were live blocking, lowering shoulders and hitting receivers who dared to go over the middle. No thanks.

I like to indulge in sporting competition, but this is something I'll gladly remain on the sideline for. Luckily, there weren't any major injuries on the playing field at Stanford Park. I do hope that they all have insurance...

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Anonymous said...

oh helllllll no - Phelps