Pacific vs. Cal State Fullerton Baseball

I'd photographed about 0 baseball games since 2009. Now I've got two under my belt in the last week. This time the Pacific Tigers took on the perennial contending Cal State Fullerton Titans. Thanks to CSF and a 10-0 win, there was a lot of action on the base paths for the Titans and plenty of Tiger fielding activity. Shout out to myself for watching and shooting my first college baseball game. 


Diamond Neglect

Baseball? When is the last time I shot baseball? I'll tell you when...2009! Needless to say, I've got a little rust on me so a tune up is in order. The tricky thing about shooting baseball is that it's a slow game. You have to be patient and you have to pay attention and you have to do both. So little action happens during the course of a game that if you miss it, you might as well close up shop and go home. I went to shake some of the cobwebs off at a McClatchy High v. Sacramento High game near my home base. Shout out to lanky, left handed pitchers. Hits off them are hard to come by. Ask Randy Johnson.


Full Contact, No Pads: Part III

The third installment includes some interesting faces and wild hair. Football players are much more photogenic without helmets. Looking forward to shooting some more this weekend. 


Sac Lady Dragons

Waaaaaaay back in March, I photographed a girls high school basketball game for the Sacramento Bee. Sacramento High School is a perennial basketball power in the area and that night, they showed it. The Lady Dragons defeated the Mustangs of San Marin 72-34 in a state playoff match-up. Shoutout to pressing, trapping, turnovers and defense. You need all of that to beat a team by 38 points.