Wednesday Night Lights

Wednesday, I put the Coolidge High football team under a different set of lights. My lights. I finally got a chance to shoot some football portraits before the season started thanks to my most gracious subjects. The Colts, led by new quarterback Emmanuel Yeager (4), look to compete for the city championship here in Washington DC. Tonight they kickoff the season at 7pm versus the Gonzaga Eagles. Good luck to all. I'm ready. Shout out football finally being here.


Faith and Kelly

Last weekend I was in my mom's hometown of Rochester, NY (go Bills!) to photograph a wedding. But not just any old wedding, my Aunt Missy aka Faith tied the knot. I got to see a bunch of cousins, a few aunts, great uncles and new babies. It was a short trip but good to see family I haven't seen in a while. Anyway, a sneak peek of the day. Shout out to Gary Fong, who really makes on-camera flash bearable.



While the highly anticipated football season kicks off across the country at many different levels, futbol sneaks in under the radar. Yesterday marked the start of the high school soccer season (for me at least) with a game featuring DeMatha and St. John's (I don't expect those outside of the DC area to know what I'm talking about). The game was an 8-0 rout in DeMatha's favor, but it was good to be out shooting sports again after somewhat of a hiatus.

Which brings me back to my soccer days as a young lad. My skills in the sport were lacking, but my lightning speed and cat-like reflexes made me a goal scoring machine at this soccer powerhouse. Well, not really, but my goal scoring exploits didn't go unnoticed..ahem, cough, second team all state, cough, ahem. Here's to a great fall sports season.

Shout out to DCSportsFan.com


Are you ready...?

Ever since football season ended, I've been itching for it to come back. Not because I'm a huuugggee football fan, but because it might be my favorite sport to shoot. I mean I like football and all but because mommy never let me play (and my supernova basketball status), I can't fully relate.

I've been shooting Coolidge High School practices, games and team photos since 2006. Yesterday was my first interaction with the guys this season. They play a pretty important season opener against Gonzaga College High School on August 29th. Shout out to coach Jason Lane for hooking up the practice jerseys this season.


Bahamas Extra

No story for these shots, just a few of my favorites...

Cruise ship in the distance.

Ketchup at Johnny Rockets.

Stuff for sale.

Me in a souvenir shop.

Mom and Dad.


Fred...The Conch Man

While passing the time lying on the beach in Nassau, there seemed to be some what of a routine. Every morning Bahamian men set up on the beach renting jet skis, banana boats, snorkel gear and offering para-sailing. Every afternoon, the clouds rolled in and thunderstorms ruined the party...for about 20 minutes. And every evening around 5:45-6:00p Fred motored on to the shores of the beach of the Sheraton Hotel. Fred's boat, in desperate need of a paint job, was full of fish, lobster and conch that he collected through out the day. He anchored his boat in the sand, put his pretty conch shells on display for sale, and got to work scaling his fish and removing the conch from the shell. Fred made fresh conch salad ($5) on his boat which is made up of raw conch, tomato, onion, squeezed orange juice, squeezed lime juice, salt and pepper. He cut the veggies and the conch with a rusty knife and rinsed off everything in the salty sea water. Thanks to my "reporter" girlfriend I learned that Fred was almost married twice, has fisherman in his family, swims with the sharks but is no longer scared, eating raw conch turns a man into the Energizer bunny and that the conch doesn't have a brain, so it doesn't hurt them when he removes them from the shell for my consumption (allegedly).

As I was snapping pictures, he told me to put him on the internet so he could sell more fish. Little did he know, my influence doesn't reach very far. But if you are ever in Nassau, check out the shores of Cable Beach and look for Fred, he'll have some conch salad for you.

Shout out to Fred the Conch Man...cool as a fan.


Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore

I photographed engagement photos for my sister and her fiance in May when they came to visit me in DC. On 8.8.08, they were married in Nassau, Bahamas, which means I spent the last week in the sand, sun and playing in the salty blue water. I didn't get a chance to photograph the wedding as I was a groomsman, but I did get some shots right after the wedding and a few days later when it wasn't so sweltering hot. Shout out to the place where you can't take a bad picture.


Coming Soon...

Saw this wall o' posters of upcoming acts as I was leaving the Black Cat...preeetttttyyyyyy good. Shout out to Larry David.


Happy Birthday to Us

Last Sunday me and my man Pep had a birthday celebration out in Silver Spring. His actual date is the 7th while mine is the 9th. Seems that Untitled has been around for about a quarter of a century...that's longevity for ya. But this post isn't really about birthdays, its about Rog aka Deuce. You've seen one half of Good Hood here more than you can count, so here's to the other half. Rog can be seen here practicing his gameface, proving he's the corn on the cob champ, and uhhh...licking my girlfriend?! Shout out to the Cubbies who have taken over the central division since my Astros are taking this year off.


Woop Woop!

That's the sound of the police cruisin around Columbia Heights in Washington DC. PS...my sister's getting married today.


DC United 2 - Kansas City Wizards 0

Looks like things are looking up for DC's soccer team. They picked up a couple of new players in Ivan Guerrero (12) and Joe Vide (not pictured). And also picked up a shut out win against the mighty (not really) Kansas City Wizards. Even after the game, United goal scoring machine, Luciano Emilio, stayed after to sign autographs for eager fans. Shout out to goalie Kevin Hartman for rockin' the platinum plus.


Another Concert

Shot a two more bands at a venue called Black Cat last Friday. It's a pretty small place and you can get right up next to the stage if you want. The last time I did that, I couldn't hear for about a week. But I learned that different genres have different noise levels i.e. metal = ear bleeding loud and indie folk = not so much. Bowerbirds, a group out of North Carolina (shout out to Broadway), had to pretty much perform amongst a constant chatter. Obviously everyone was there to see Bon Iver, an act from Wisconsin (shout out to Brett Favre) led by a bearded, falsetto wonder named Justin Vernon. Great show in my opinion...I enjoy shooting acts I've never heard of. It makes me a bit more worldly...right?


Bon Iver


Double the Hoyas

No reason for this post except I wanted to try out a new technique I learned from the internets today called a diptych using some of my Georgetown basketball shots from last season. Shout out to Gavin Smith.