While the highly anticipated football season kicks off across the country at many different levels, futbol sneaks in under the radar. Yesterday marked the start of the high school soccer season (for me at least) with a game featuring DeMatha and St. John's (I don't expect those outside of the DC area to know what I'm talking about). The game was an 8-0 rout in DeMatha's favor, but it was good to be out shooting sports again after somewhat of a hiatus.

Which brings me back to my soccer days as a young lad. My skills in the sport were lacking, but my lightning speed and cat-like reflexes made me a goal scoring machine at this soccer powerhouse. Well, not really, but my goal scoring exploits didn't go unnoticed..ahem, cough, second team all state, cough, ahem. Here's to a great fall sports season.

Shout out to DCSportsFan.com

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