The Other Football

Late August means back to school and back to fall sports. While every other sports fan is impatiently waiting for NFL, NCAA and even high school football action, I'm out shooting futbol action. St. John's hosted O'Connell and lost 2-1 during my first soccer game of the season. Shout out to basketball players that play soccer.

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O'Connell SoccerO'Connell Soccer


The Undisputed August Eighteenth Tonic Taco Eatin' Champion of the Woorrrrrrrrrrrrrrld!

Sickboy. Not only can he destroy you in a staring contest, he will eat more tacos than anyone at the table. Tuesday night's winning number was 20. Jordy (left) led at one point hence the sombrero but struggled to get to 19.5 as Sick was ready to order more. You can read some half-assed play by play on my twitter. Thanks to $0.50 taco night at Tonic, there might be a new weekly ritual. Shout out to Mt. Pleasant Street.


Coolidge Colts - Year 4

It's about that time again. I am now entering year four, yes four, of my documentary coverage of the Coolidge High School Colts. What started as a season long trip has turned into a 4 year journey that I look forward to shooting more than anything else. One of my most vivid memories of year one (2006) is when 13-year-old freshman Martize Barr told me he was gonna be the wide receiver of the future. Well now he's a 16-year-old senior, a DCIAA deep threat and the future is the present.

Last Monday was the first organized practice. No pads this time, but you can tell that the Colts and coaches are ready for some football. Shout out to white face masks...channeling the Florida Gators.


The Cape

I spent the past week in Cape Cod, Massachusetts...straight chillin'. Went to the beach, played some golf, went to the beach, watched some Cape Cod League baseball, went to the beach, finished a book, went to the beach, watched some whales and...went to the beach. Had a great week in a house on a pond and took a few photos in between. Shout out to the Parkers.

What up, Nate!

The advantadge of getting to the beach mad early...

and the disadvantage of not.



I shot a Washington Mystics game a few weeks ago. That's all I have to say about that. Shout out to Matee Ajavon.