Game Day vs. Rodriguez

Remember all of that spread offense preparation and blocking and tackling that I talked about in the last post? Well it worked because Monterey Trail came away with another lopsided victory defeating the Rodriguez Mustangs (yes, Mustang on Mustang crime) 51-13. The Monterey Trail Mustangs were forced to warm up on an actual grass field because the JV game started about 30 minutes late, hence the change of scenery.

I don't know about you, but while watching football on TV, I wince every time I see a play rapidly approaching a sideline full of photographers and camera operators. Last Friday, that was me. I was christened into the "got my ass run over by fast moving football players" club and it wasn't a great feeling. I still think I'm quick enough to get away from absolutely anything but I don't know what happened that Friday night. I must be getting old.


Practice at 1.4

Practice, practice and more practice. This team does it almost everyday and when I'm out in Elk Grove with them, I'm practicing too. This day, I photographed their entire workout at 50mm f/1.4 for no other reason than, "why the hell not".

It was another hot day on the FieldTurf but the team is most definitely used to it by now. It's the Wednesday before a Friday game and the Mustangs are going over the spread offense that their next opponent, Rodriguez High School, employs. The off-season workouts are for the basics, you know, your blocking, tackling, scheme and conditioning. But every week of in season practice builds on those basics as well as infusing the tendencies and formations of the weekend opponent. I've never played football, but I thought I knew a good amount about the game just by watching and being around it. But upon further review, the game is a little more complex than I thought.


Game Day.

After multiple blog posts of Monterey Trail off-season workouts and practices, finally, the game. The Mustangs took on the Panthers of Florin High School and excelled in a major way, taking a 54-14 win on their home field at Mark Macres Memorial Stadium. This was their third game of the season, but the first win and the first one that I've attended. Which proves that I must be the good luck charm. Shout out to myself.


Vancouver Jellies

I spent some time in Vancouver earlier this month to attend a cousin's wedding. I also checked out the Vancouver Aquarium aka VanAqua aka The Sharks at Stanley Park (ok, I made that last one up). There were some pretty cool, glowing, neon jellies in the building. Shout out to the Hipstamatic. I keep it with me.


We're Still Talking About Practice!

Monterey Trail has played two actual football games this season but you wouldn't know it if you relied on this blog for Mustang updates. The first game was an ESPN televised opener against Pleasant Grove and the second was an away game at Nevada Union. I was out of town both games (both losses) in San Francisco and Vancouver respectively. This Friday, I will finally be able to attend and shoot my first Trail game this season! But until then, yes, more practice. Shout out to the 50mm lens and California's blue sky.


Sac High (Purple) Dragons

In the years I've been shooting and watching high school sports, I've never heard of a team called the Dragons, have you? That all changed when I ventured over to Sacramento Charter High School to check out the Dragons against the Woodside Wildcats. Saturday game, scorching heat, shitty 1pm light...just how I like it. The Wildcats travelled all the way from a small town somewhere between San Francisco and San Jose to take the W on the Dragons well manicured and neatly painted football field.

A Wildcat player repeatedly tapped the top of his helmet signaling his need for a substitution. One of his coaches yelled, "Stay in the game! If you're tired, you can rest on the ride home!" How's that for motivation. Shout out to long bus trips back home after wins. Much more enjoyable than after losses.