Game Day vs. Rodriguez

Remember all of that spread offense preparation and blocking and tackling that I talked about in the last post? Well it worked because Monterey Trail came away with another lopsided victory defeating the Rodriguez Mustangs (yes, Mustang on Mustang crime) 51-13. The Monterey Trail Mustangs were forced to warm up on an actual grass field because the JV game started about 30 minutes late, hence the change of scenery.

I don't know about you, but while watching football on TV, I wince every time I see a play rapidly approaching a sideline full of photographers and camera operators. Last Friday, that was me. I was christened into the "got my ass run over by fast moving football players" club and it wasn't a great feeling. I still think I'm quick enough to get away from absolutely anything but I don't know what happened that Friday night. I must be getting old.

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