Practice at 1.4

Practice, practice and more practice. This team does it almost everyday and when I'm out in Elk Grove with them, I'm practicing too. This day, I photographed their entire workout at 50mm f/1.4 for no other reason than, "why the hell not".

It was another hot day on the FieldTurf but the team is most definitely used to it by now. It's the Wednesday before a Friday game and the Mustangs are going over the spread offense that their next opponent, Rodriguez High School, employs. The off-season workouts are for the basics, you know, your blocking, tackling, scheme and conditioning. But every week of in season practice builds on those basics as well as infusing the tendencies and formations of the weekend opponent. I've never played football, but I thought I knew a good amount about the game just by watching and being around it. But upon further review, the game is a little more complex than I thought.

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