Otis Griffin - Road Back to the Title: Slide Show Edition

A couple of months ago, I posted about a project I was working on with a boxer from Sacramento. His name is Otis Griffin and I photographed him training for his first fight in a series of five to get him back into title contention. You can see that original post here. I decided to re-visit and experiment with ProShow Gold, channeling my inner Ken Burns and here is the result.

As a side note, the song sound tracking  the slide show is a boxing-themed record that I recorded with my friends Jordan and Roger in college in 2004. So if you've never heard me rap...here is your chance!


Monterey Trail Hoops

The NBA kicked off late last month and college hoops tips this Friday. As soon as the football post season wraps this month, the high school season will begin. Thank goodness! I shot a few portraits for the Monterey Trail Mustangs hoop squad. Lights, Camera, Simulated Action!