One More Game: KIMA vs. Princeton Day

I thought the basketball season ended for me with the City Title Game between DeMatha and Ballou. In each league after a long regular season only one team can take home the championship. The other teams are disappointed. That's how I felt about my post-game celebration coverage. Either I didn't get the shot that I was looking for or the teams were simply too cool to show any emotion. Thanks to the WISE 8 championship game between KIMA andPrinceton Day, I got some sweet redemption. KIMA beat Princeton Day in overtime 76-68 and shortly after, Coach Levett Brown was given an on court shower by Kareem Storey and a few other players. Shout out to the post-game Gatorade bath...sometimes you just have to work with what you've got.

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Hyattsville, MD vs. SE DC II (DeMatha vs. Ballou)

Last year DeMatha met Ballou in the City Title Game. This year was the rematch with similar results. About 7500 people showed up to see the DC metro area's top two teams battle it out in what was supposed to be a pretty good game. The contest started fast and proved to be an athletic showcase with people getting dunked on left and right. But in the end, Ballou ran out of steam having only played 6 players the entire game. Read about it here. Shout out to DC area basketball, there are a lot of good players around here.

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Donte Thomas Ballou
Jerami Grant DeMatha
Donte Thomas BallouJames Robinson DeMathaDonte Thomas Ballou


WCAC Championships

I'm nearing the end of my basketball coverage for this season. There is no more Georgetown (no more home games) and no more Coolidge (lost in the semifinals). Now Gonzaga is done for the season (lost in the finals). They lost to DeMatha by 19 points after the teams split their two regular season matchups by a total of six points. Now Ballou and DeMatha will meet again in the City Title game at the Verizon Center.

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Nate Britt GonzagaQuinn Cook DeMatha and Ben Dickinson GonzagaQuinn Cook DeMathaTyler Thornton Gonzaga

In other news, Elizabeth Seton's basketball team takes the championship title after losing in the semifinals last year to Holy Cross. They will face a tough HD Woodson team in the City Title game. Shout out to the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

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Elizabeth Seton Basketball
St. John's Girls Basketball


Ballou Strikes Again

After I got over the Coolidge loss, I went out to photograph the Ballou vs. Eastern championship match up. The game was played on Coolidge's home floor, but the home team wasn't dressed in orange. Ok, I'm done. Eastern and Ballou played a pretty exciting game chock full of scoring and absent of defense. The final score 102-89...yes, in high school. Read about it here. This means that Ballou is on to the title game against DeMatha for the second year in a row. Shout out to Donte Thomas (Ballou) and Phil Hawkins (Eastern) who had 33 and 36 points, respectively.

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Ballou Eastern BasketballBallou Eastern BasketballBallou Eastern BasketballBallou Eastern BasketballBallou Eastern Basketball



Around the middle of last week, Georgetown junior guard Austin Freeman was diagnosed with diabetes. He didn't start in a loss against Notre Dame nor did he play in the next game versus West Virginia. He was originally thought to have a stomach virus. After the diabetes diagnosis, it was said that it wouldn't affect his playing career and he proved it against Cincinnati. He scored a game-high 24 points, all with a smile on his face. Read about it here. Shout out to AFree_15. Ballers ball.

UPDATE: Georgetown takes on USF today at 12p in the Big East Tournament. AFree_15 will be ballin'.

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Now What?

I had a plan. I had a brilliant plan that would make this 2009-2010 high school basketball season photographically interesting. Back in November, I picked two teams (one private school and one public school) to follow throughout the season. These two teams, Gonzaga and Coolidge, were going to meet in the city title game at the Verizon Center then I was going to play powerball and win $300 million. Well it didn't quite work out that way. Coolidge lost last Thursday night to Eastern High School in the public school semifinals. Gonzaga moved on to the semifinals after beating Bishop McNamara. At least one team is still on track to keep half of my clairvoyance in tact. Shout out to Coolidge basketball. Losing is always tough, especially in the playoffs.

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Cedrick Lindsay Gonzaga Basketball


DCIAA Quarterfinals: McKinley Tech @ Coolidge

The game was supposed to start at 8p, a tad late for a high school game but whatever. Twenty minutes and two tardy referees later, the quarterfinal matchup between Coolidge and McKinley Tech was underway. Coolidge, undefeated in the West, struggled in the early quarters but was able to advance to the semifinals. Read about the game here. Shout out to coaches and their halftime "encouragements". They usually seem to work.

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Coolidge Basketball
Coolidge Basketball
Coolidge Basketball


Purple Eagle Redemption against St. John's

Last Sunday afternoon the Gonzaga Purple Eagles got to avenge their loss against O'Connell on Friday night and against St. John's earlier in the season. The game started out shaky, but after a few halftime adjustments, Gonzaga was able to stretch the lead in the end. Read about it here. Shout out to St. John's basketball gym. During a sunny afternoon game, some really nice light comes through the diffused windows on the west side.

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Tyler Thornton Gonzaga Basketball
St. John's Basketball
Steve Turner Gonzaga Basketball


Notre Dame @ Georgetown Basketball

Saturday afternoon game between the Hoyas and the Fightin' Irish. Blah blah blah, Austin Freeman was sick. Blah blah blah Tyler Hansbrough's little brother had a great game. Blah blah blah Hoyas lose again to an un-ranked opponent. But did you see what these cats were wearing? They came out with silver on silver unis and silver Air Jordan 2010 sneakers. Shout out to MJ. We were tight in the late '80s and all through the '90s but the shoes just don't do it for me anymore. What do y'all think?

UPDATE: Austin Freeman was diagnosed with diabetes Wednesday night March 3.

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Georgetown Basketball Air Jordan 2010Notre Dame Basketball HansbroughGreg Monroe Georgetown Basketball


O'Connell @ Gonzaga Basketball

I got home Thursday and was back sitting on the hardwood floor Friday night. Gonzaga played a home game against O'Connell which boasts a rivalry in a rivalry. Gonzaga's point guard, Tyler Thornton, is headed to Duke next season while O'Connell's floor leader, Kendall Marshall, will be attending UNC. O'Connell started strong and never really let up although Gonzaga got within striking distance late. It turned out to be Gonzaga's 4th loss of the season but they still go into the play-offs as the #2 seed behind DeMatha. It's the time of year again. Win or go home. Shout out to senior night.

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Gonzaga Basketball Tyler Thornton
O'Connell Basketball Joe Wootten


South Padre Island

Went to South Padre Island while I was down in south Texas. I've been once before...according to my parents but the only other things I know about the place is that it's famous for Spring Break and beauty pageants. Nothing too exciting was going on that day. It was cold (for Texas), windy, foggy and jellyfish were strewn about the beach. Does anyone know how the hell this happens? Shout out to Texans.

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South Padre Island