Now What?

I had a plan. I had a brilliant plan that would make this 2009-2010 high school basketball season photographically interesting. Back in November, I picked two teams (one private school and one public school) to follow throughout the season. These two teams, Gonzaga and Coolidge, were going to meet in the city title game at the Verizon Center then I was going to play powerball and win $300 million. Well it didn't quite work out that way. Coolidge lost last Thursday night to Eastern High School in the public school semifinals. Gonzaga moved on to the semifinals after beating Bishop McNamara. At least one team is still on track to keep half of my clairvoyance in tact. Shout out to Coolidge basketball. Losing is always tough, especially in the playoffs.

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Cedrick Lindsay Gonzaga Basketball


jeffro said...

Loved your Coolidge photo in the DCist photo show.

cmoney said...

That's an amazingly realistic shot. Check out the shoestrings, and the tag on the arm support sleeve. Also, nice depth and range to be able to still read the banners on the wall in the background.

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

@jeffro thanks. its also one of my favorites from the coolidge basketball series