Mike Davis - Head Basketball Coach at Texas Southern University for Houstonia Magazine

When I got this assignment, my initial thought was Mike Davis? Mike Davis who took over for Bobby Knight and was almost a national champion at Indiana Mike Davis? Mike Davis who was dangerously close to signing Boogie Cousins to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Mike Davis? Yep, that Mike Davis who has been quietly killing it in the SWAC winning the conference 3 of 4 years and leading the Tigers to the NCAA tournament in two of them. Cool, I get to meet Mike Davis and chop it up about Jared Jefferies and Tom Coverdale. But of course, that's not how it went. He was a super cool dude and amenable to all my ideas but he's a D-1 basketball coach trying to prepare his team for an all away game non-conference schedule. Ain't nobody got time for Starghill saying "hold the ball with your left hand and look to your right." Mike Davis has a team to coach. Big shout to Monica for coming through with the assignment!


Kick & Roll Open Gym at Stance Socks HQ in Orange County, CA

Every year in Austin, TX the Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation unleashes the Kick & Roll Classic on the sneaker community for an eventful day of hoops, sneakers and colon cancer awareness. But sometimes there are warm up events along the way. This time was at Stance HQ in Orange County, CA. Some people got crossed up, some people got J'd. Some took Ls and some took Ws...but EVERYONE got socks. Big shout to the George Kiel and the KCCF fam and all the homies at Stance!


TJ Ford Basketball

Y'all remember TJ Ford right? The diaper dandy, the whirling dervish, the Longhorn legend? I remember watching a few of his games in high school when he played on that super team at Willowridge. They pretty much blew out every team on their way to a Texas state championship. Good times, good times. Well, now Mr. Ford is running a basketball camp/AAU squad here in Houston with some of H-Tine's top high school hoopers. I spent a Saturday with the crew as they worked hard and reached for greatness.