Justise Winslow - St. John's School Basketball

Justise Winslow is a standout high school basketball player here in Houston who will be attending Duke University and playing for Coach K next season. The Houston Chronicle selected him as the All Greater Houston boys basketball player of the year and they selected me to photograph him. Winslow was an awesome and athletic subject who pulled off all kinds of acrobatic feats in my frame. No warm up, no stretching. But hey, that's what 18 year old muscles bring to the table. I'll definitely be looking out for him next season and will count him as the third Duke hooper I've photographed, word to Tyler Thornton and Quinn Cook. Shouts to Coach Harold Baber for letting me in the gym and to Tyrone Hill for helping me out on the shoot!

If I drink my milk, I might be as tall as Justise by the summer.


Apollo Chamber Players for the Houston Chronicle

I photographed a quartet of musicians that call themselves the Apollo Chamber Players a few weeks ago. The group consists of three violinists and a cellist that "explore the intersection of classical and folk music" according to their website. I scouted around Houston's museum district and eventually found a prime spot in front of the Museum of Fine Arts. I had them all stand on a ledge behind a broken a fountain that was, at the time, being serviced. It would have been cool if they played a mini concert in the unusual space, but it totally slipped my mind to ask. Maybe next time! Anyway, you should check them out...it'll be fun.


Mitchell Katine for the Houston Chronicle

Mitchell Katine is a lawyer in Houston deeply involved in advocating for people with the HIV/AIDS virus and people in the LGBT community and has been for over 30 years. For my fellow political scientists who undoubtedly had to take a civil rights and liberties class in college, he also worked on the landmark case Lawrence v. Texas that he and the plaintiffs eventually won at the Supreme Court. These are a few images I shot as part of a story for the Houston Chronicle highlighting him as a hero in Houston.

Sidenote: As I toured Katine's office scouting for shooting locations, I ran into a kid (now a grown ass attorney) whom I went to Heflin Elementary with. I guess stuff like that'll happen when you move back to your hometown.


The Great Bull Run - Houston

Good afternoon, friends. You are looking live from the streets of Pamplona, Spain a racetrack in Baytown, Texas where many participants will voluntarily be chased by an angry herd of bulls. Before the animals get too close, those said participants will either dive toward the side rails for tenuous safety or be trampled. No one is out running them. No one.

I witnessed this event back in January and took pictures for your enjoyment. Well, mostly for money, but a little for your enjoyment. And to top off the adrenalin rush of being chased by extremely strong and deceptively quick thousand pound male mammals, you have the option of engaging in a crazy tomato fight where no one walks away unsullied. No one. Shouts to The Great Bull Run...it comes back to Houston September 20th so sign up if you're so inclined.

A Day in the Life of Eric Winston for ESPN.com

Eric Winston is a right tackle in the NFL and newly minted president of the NFLPA. He played his high school football at Lee High in Midland along with Cedric Benson where the team won three consecutive Texas state championships. He then went on to play his college ball at The U aka University of Miami where he was converted from a tight end to an offensive tackle. Upon graduation, he was drafted by the Houston Texans where he played for six years. A year in Kansas City  and a year in Arizona brings us to 2014. That's a whole lotta football.

I worked on a shoot for ESPN.com following Winston and documenting a day in the life of an NFL player during the off-season. You're probably thinking there was a Ferrari race down the highways with his buddies followed by 36 holes of golf followed by an expensive steak dinner and ending with a night of popping "mike-sized" champagne bottles. But I'll let you see for yourself.

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