Tale of Two Diamonds

This spring, I put in practice time a couple of days a week shooting sports that I can't say I've spent a whole lot of hours shooting. The diamond sports. I'm not particularly inclined to enjoying either (watching, or playing) but always look forward to the opportunity to get a good shot. The only thing is, you've really got to pay attention. If you blink, you might miss one of the few chances for action. Shout out to the Houston Astros, the 2013 AL West Champs. Count on it.


DSTAR in Houston

I was so very fortunate to spend a good chunk of time in the greatest state of Texas last month. Initially for my brother-in-law's wedding in Austin (congrats Nate and Martha!) and then down to Houston to spend some time with the family. During that time, I photographed a kid who I've known for about 25+ years. An enterprising young hip hop artist by the name of DSTAR who also happens to be my cousin. We roamed the streets of Downtown Houston, mainly around the theater district, to make some promo images.

And if you're so inclined...have a listen to some of his heat. I am biased, but it is HEAT!

Shout out to H-Town.


Baseball Practice

Hung out with the Mustangs at baseball practice earlier in the week and took a few pictures. It's definitely a different experience than photographing games because the games are totally unpredictable. And if you're not careful, you just might miss the few spurts of action that occur. But at practice, you can count on a few good frames. Shout out to repetition.