Nothing special this night. This was my first time in St. John's Gallagher Gymnasium. It was senior night for Derrick Thomas...and he went off in a near twenty point win. Shout out to Jim Tressel who is inspiring coach attire in all sports across the country.


DCist Exposed 2009 Show

Today and for the next 15 days my work as well as 43 three other DCist Exposed winners will be hanging at Flashpoint Gallery in Washington DC. The opening reception is tonight from 5-9pm at 916 G St. NW so stop by tonight if you have the chance but if not, make sure you make it out before March 7. Shout out to DCist, Flashpoint, DaJuan Summers and anyone else who made this possible.


Let There be Light

Another Coolidge game, another exercise in photography in the dark (okay low light). Not this time. I decided to set up strobes in the corner balconies in the gym and see what those results got me. Before and after (below). Now if I could only do this in every gym.

The Coolidge Colts defeated Dunbar High School to claim the DCIAA West regular season crown. Next stop, the playoffs. Shout out to Coolidge for building that huge gym with the really high ceilings.



Last weekend I spent all day in a ballroom at the Washington Convention Center photographing good ole fashioned high school wrasslin'. There were no top ropes, no turnbuckles and no Jimmy Fly Snuka. No tag teams, no loud mouth managers and no glamorous ring entrances. Just mano a mano, head gear, and tights. It was a new experience. I'd never shot wrestling before and I had no idea who scored points or how. All I knew was that if you got pinned (both shoulder blades to the mat?) then the score didn't matter. Shout out to the Nelson brothers: Quarter, Half and Full who seemed to be a pretty popular bunch that day.


Northwest's Finest

Nothing really exciting about this game. Coolidge prevailed by almost 30 and the gym is still dark as hell. Even the coach didn't get too animated on the sideline...but I did find this golden (greenish) ticket. Shout out to V-neck sweaters.


Catholic School Basketball

This was the first time I shot a basketball game at the world...okay nationally known DeMatha High School in Hyattsville, MD. It's not as dark as a lot of gyms in the area, but that's not saying much. As you can see, I pretty much shot in that one corner of the gym the whole time. A little lazy, but it was Friday night...and it was only practice. Shout out to Mike Jones head coach of the DeMatha Stags. He told his players not to move, strategically, after a missed free throw so not to foul the opposing team who was down 4 points with single digit seconds counting down to zero.


The Real Orange II

The Coolidge Colts got their opportunity for revenge in the heated and hated match-up against Roosevelt High School. And when I say hated, I mean a few fights almost broke out "Malice at the Palace" type hatred. This time the Colts got the best of the Rough Riders (get it? Teddy not Franklin D.) and are now 6-2 in league play in second place behind Dunbar. Shout out to my man Dirky (3) who made his season debut and really helped the Colts to victory.


Downward Spiral

Georgetown has only won three of its last 11 games. Far cry from last year Final Four hopes. They're in danger of not even making the tourney this year. I don't know what's going on, anyone? Shout out to JT III for pulling his whole starting five early in the first half because they were playing like shite.



Georgetown Prep was coming off of a huge win against one of the best teams in their conference, not to mention a bitter rival. So the very next night, their game against bottom-of-the-standings St. Albans should be a piece of cake, right? WRONG! Prep was without their star player Markel Starks and their head coach was tossed in the second quarter after the ref made a HORRIBLE traveling call. St. Albans stayed in the game with the three ball and ended up upsetting Prep 51-50. Shout out to Georgetown Prep's cheering student section. Oh wait, there wasn't one.

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Bethesda Battles

Landon School and Georgetown Preparatory School provide education for young men in the suburbs of Washington DC. Their sports teams also draw a line in the sand between North Bethesda and Downtown Bethesda. Either you're with or against. Get down or lay down. Monday night the two boys basketball teams collided at The Hanley Center for Athletic Excellence on the campus of Georgetown Prep. In what was supposed to be a battle between bitter rivals and conference powerhouses, Prep ran away with the victory 69-53. Shout out to Georgetown Prep's cheering student section. Apparently it was jersey night and one kid had a Bobby Boucher authentic (see below).

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