Sardines on 7th

Who is this lame still posting inauguration day pictures in February. Me, that's who. As I referenced in an early post, my inauguration morning wasn't very pleasant. It started at 4:30am where I arrived in the streets of downtown DC expecting there to be some people out and about, but not many. Oh, how wrong was I. Probably thousands of people were out on the streets, cheering, walking around, standing in line, and some still intoxicated. The temperature was in the area of bitter. I'd say around the high 20s. I was prepared to stand in the cold for about 10 hours. Layered up, pockets full of snacks and power bars and laced with hand warmers. But I was only mentally prepared to stand in line for about three hours and on the parade route for about seven. Instead I stayed 9 hours in a jumbled group of people mashed together at the intersection of 7th St. and D St. NW. Couldn't escape if I tried. This is what it looked like while I was standing on the bumper of some kind of police van/truck/torture vehicle. Wackness. (Excuse that half of a photographer in the middle of the picture).

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