The OG

I spent the past weekend kickin' it in Ocean Grove, New Jersey celebrating my friend's mom's birthday. It was nice to see the beach since I don't get there that often. The weekend included a precocious five-year-old jump roping on the sidewalk, the whole town going out for ice cream at once, Ralph's Ice stand in Asbury Park, a creepy mannequin, and a rousing game of miniature golf in which I made a hole-in-one on #18 to break a three way tie and walk away with the Asbury Park Open Championship.

"You play to win the game"
- (Shout out to) Herm Edwards


Toy Week Extended!

I know you're excited so I have one last installment to include in Untitled's first annual Toy Week. Like the Chad Pennington post, this post features a toy from my early adulthood. Peyton Manning has been one of my favorite QBs since he was drafted and was 1/3 of the reason that I made the Indianapolis Colts my favorite team when the Houston Oilers left town. Shout out to Todd McFarlane and Archie Manning.



Raphael is cool but crude. He was my least favorite of the four, but the only one currently in my possession. I was totally fascinated by these upright walking turtles when I was in elementary school. I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode of the first animated series and I've definitely seen the first three installments of the live action movies. I was thoroughly disgusted with the TMNT III...what was that? Anyway...I believe this particular version of Raphael was a later model as the earlier versions you were able to squish and twist off the heads way too easily. Shout out to April O'Neil.


The Dark Knight

In compliance with Toy Week, let's discuss Batman. Batman has gone through many transformations in his comic book/cartoon/movie life. Of course there was Adam West (currently the Mayor of Quahog) in the blue and gray. There was Batman in the black and gray, the all black, the animated version, Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney (with bat-nipples), Bale and many more I'm sure.

Last weekend I went to see The Dark Knight on Friday, unsuccessfully, then again on Saturday. I must say I was quite impressed with the film and the performances (ahem...JOKER). So I was quite surprised and pleased while rummaging through the junk bin to find not only Batman, but the Joker as well. This particular Joker is from the toys released along with the motion picture Batman starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. As for the Batman, I remember vividly being in Kay Bee Toys and begging my old man to buy this ridiculously priced camouflaged Batman. Why? I don't know. I didn't even like Batman like that. I was a Ninja Turtle guy (coming soon). Shout out to my mom for shipping all these toys to DC a couple of years ago. Who knew they would get so much action?


Dick Tracy

The second installment of the first annual Toy Week here at Untitled belongs to old school crime fighter Dick Tracy. I was a huge fan of the film when it came out, and as my story goes, I decided to start yet another toy collection that has been left unfinished (anyone know where I can get The Blank)? I even had the cheap plastic watch that lit up and spat out Dick Tracy phrases that I can't remember. Watching the movie years later I now notice the vibrant colors and the big name actors, both of which I paid no attention to at seven-years-old. Shout out to Toys R Us for enabling me.



Since this is my blog and no one reads it, I can do whatever I please. So this week kicks off the first annual Toy Week here at Untitled. If you check my website, I occasionally have an affinity to photograph toys from my early adulthood. But this week I've decided to shoot a few gems from my early childhood. First up...Panthro of ThunderCat fame.


DC United 2 - Atlante FC 3

DC United was in action last night against the Mexican football club Atlante F.C. The mid-season match up between leagues is brought to you by SuperLiga, a small tournament that pits four teams from Major League Soccer (MLS) against four teams from the Primera Division de Mexico. Too bad for United's goalie (looks like he's already got haters)...Atlante scored early and often. Shout out to the little man in the orange cleats. He was doin' it.


No trips to L.A. for me. I spent most of the day Saturday photographing a game that I still don't understand. Helmets, sticks, shoulder pads, gloves...ok. Getting hit with a stick (legally) while trying to run toward the goal...ehh. Players running on and off the field during live game play...I don't know about that. Can someone school me on the finer points of lacrosse? Please? Shout out to Jim Brown.



I decided I wanted to add concert photography to my arsenal of expertise, but I had no photographs of concerts to show for it. I found my way into Black Cat in Washington DC to photograph Clouds, Torche and Boris (three different acts). I knew that it was rock/heavy metal/something that I wasn't really into. But I decided to give it a shot anyway. Besides...its all about the pictures.

So I took my place just a little to the left of center stage and waited for the show to start. Clouds, the first act, played for about 30 minutes. They were pretty mellow...in comparison. There was some headbanging, some shouting into microphones and of course some loud music but nothing I couldn't handle. I was having a good time.

Next up was Torche. Torche was loud as hell. Torche, with all their yelling, jumping around and banging of the drums and what not, lured the crowd into a small moshpit. Torche didn't seem to care that I wanted no part of that moshpit.

The final act and headliner was Boris, a "drone metal" act from Tokyo who seemed to have somewhat of a following here in Washington DC. By this time, my ears were shot, the ringing was in full blast and I was pissed at everyone around me for 1) bouncing me around the moshpit while I was trying to take pictures and 2) not telling me that it would be a good idea to wear earplugs while so close to the stage.

I'd say that my first rock concert was a success...despite two straight days of hearing like I was underwater and nearly a week of that annoying ringing sound. All said and done, it was fun but I would never ever do it again...without earplugs.

Wata: Cool as a fan.


Stroll Around Mt. Pleasant

This post isn't really about a stroll, nor is it about a neighborhood in DC. It's just a clever way to disguise yet another impromptu photo shoot with burgeoning model (read: Mike's photography guinea pig) Sabrey Smith. Lately, I've been more unemployed than self employed so I'm always doing photo projects to stay busy (holla at me if you have any ideas). This is the latest. It seems that if Sab ever needs promo pictures for his actual burgeoning career, then he has plenty to choose from. This week = Sabrey appreciation week.

Shout out to Jesus (see the chain), Charlie Brown (see the shirt), and again Jonathan Mannion (see Usher).


Scouts Honor

Tuesday, I reluctantly helped a friend (Sabrey) move one of those old school projection big screen TVs from the offices to an apartment. Luckily another friend (Tom) was there to help us load it into the Jeep and luckily the thing had wheels that turned out to be pretty useful. On the way to the apartment, I asked Sab if there were steps we had to traverse...to which he replied "not a lot". Great. Anyway the move was less than stressful and I got to clown him for wearing this t-shirt.


Happy 4th!

Yeah, yeah I know...mad late. I've been busy!


Good Hood

I was looking through the archives this long weekend and found some stuff that I wasn't really looking for. Sabrey (who you know) and Deuce (who you have been introduced to today) make up Good Hood. The duo hails from the North Pole aka Evanston, IL and share an affinity for the Cubbies and Da Bears. Check out their newly released video here and visit their myspace for new music.


Tilden St.

Often, I drive down Tilden St. in NW Washington DC to get to my apartment. And late at night or after it rains, I always think it would be cool to photograph the scene. The trees, the winding road and the light trails of the cars passing through all remind me of a movie. So I finally got to it. Shout out to Gregory Crewsdon.