I decided I wanted to add concert photography to my arsenal of expertise, but I had no photographs of concerts to show for it. I found my way into Black Cat in Washington DC to photograph Clouds, Torche and Boris (three different acts). I knew that it was rock/heavy metal/something that I wasn't really into. But I decided to give it a shot anyway. Besides...its all about the pictures.

So I took my place just a little to the left of center stage and waited for the show to start. Clouds, the first act, played for about 30 minutes. They were pretty mellow...in comparison. There was some headbanging, some shouting into microphones and of course some loud music but nothing I couldn't handle. I was having a good time.

Next up was Torche. Torche was loud as hell. Torche, with all their yelling, jumping around and banging of the drums and what not, lured the crowd into a small moshpit. Torche didn't seem to care that I wanted no part of that moshpit.

The final act and headliner was Boris, a "drone metal" act from Tokyo who seemed to have somewhat of a following here in Washington DC. By this time, my ears were shot, the ringing was in full blast and I was pissed at everyone around me for 1) bouncing me around the moshpit while I was trying to take pictures and 2) not telling me that it would be a good idea to wear earplugs while so close to the stage.

I'd say that my first rock concert was a success...despite two straight days of hearing like I was underwater and nearly a week of that annoying ringing sound. All said and done, it was fun but I would never ever do it again...without earplugs.

Wata: Cool as a fan.

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