Simone Biles for ESPN the Magazine and The Undefeated

The 2016 Olympics in Rio has been an incredible show of talent by many athletes but I'm partial to one in particular...for a couple of reasons. The first reason is, #HTown. And the second is I had the great opportunity to photograph the 3-time world champion and 5 time Olympic medalist (4 of them gold), Simone Biles. I spent 3 days in May photographing her along with an ESPN crew doing an E:60 piece about her family life and her rise in the world of gymnastics.

I'm sure you've heard it before or can glean some of her personality via television but the way she talks, you wouldn't know that she is the best gymnast in the world or perhaps the greatest of all time. She's just outchea doing her. All 4 feet 9 inches of her effortlessly completing some of the most difficult routines en route to multiple championships and medals.

Big shout, Simone! Congratulations on a remarkable run in Rio. Check out more images HERE!


TaKasha Francis and Melvin Hopkins for Houstonia Magazine

A couple of months ago, I photographed TaKasha Francis and Melvin Hopkins for a story about Houston's Department of Neighborhoods for Houstonia Magazine. I met and photographed Francis at city hall where she runs things as the head of the department. I don't think I've ever actually stepped foot in the offices of city hall before the assignment but everyone was just so damn nice! Is it a function of the new administration (big shout Sylvester Turner)? Or is just how people usually get down in my city? 

Then I rode around with Hopkins on a hot summer day in his city issued white vehicle looking for property violations. Y'all better cut your grass and get those vehicles off the lawn...or else the Department of Neighborhoods is coming for you! Anyway, check out the article HERE