ProAV Magazine

Last March I got an assignment from the good folks over at Hanley Wood to shoot the cover of the March/April issue ProAV Magazine. I photographed Tony Warner and Bill McCarthy of RTKL Associates at their offices in Baltimore for a feature about how architects and audio/video integrators work together when designing a space. You can read more about that here.

Because I shoot covers of magazines ALL the time, I'm gonna go ahead and say this is not a big deal for me. Sarcasm. Shout out to Marcy! And no, not the projects.


The Imaginary Fort

The Imaginary Fort is a place in Bethesda where a few friends of mine operate the company called Imaginary Feet. Tom McLeod, Emil Anticevic and Patrick Jackson (yep, just shot his wedding) run a tech operation that develops iPhone and web apps, among other things. It's also a place where I go to complete the grueling work of a freelance photographer when I'm not out shooting.

This office employs a strict no-fun policy and anyone who enters soon becomes a 100% productive 9-5 drone. Efficiency rules. Tom, Emil and Pat are the main characters with occasional appearances from interns (what up Perri), ex-interns (Dexter and Tyler "Sham-Wow" Shambora), spouses with no twitter followers (Jenny), affiliates (LowKey and Meredith) and a social media maven (Kate "hope you come back" Gardiner).

Welcome to the Fort.

Pat, doing some yoga before coding.

Tom, always prepared.

Old blueprints from the previous occupant.

Tom and Emil, probably looking at Michael Jordan highlights.

Ansel Adams would not appreciate that fluorescent light.

The truck show.

Dexter working on his J. Crew catalog audition.

Emil, selling the Apple brand to Croatia.

Leftover Spongebob balloons from Pat's first day

Wicked cool NBA slam dunk competition art from Harsky.

Danielle (Pat's beautiful bride), Pat, Dexter and Emil discussing potential San Francisco digs.

Pat laughing at Emil's latest iPhone app idea.

Me and Tom engaged in a viscous battle of NBA 2K11 in which I probably got the W. (Photo by Adam Dexter)


All Work and No Play?

Not in Jamaica. Last week I showed and told about Danielle and Pat's wedding but it wasn't all work. We took a snorkeling cruise, watched a French Canadian guy go H.A.M. to some top 40 dance hits, and found out you can order jerk chicken and beef patties just about anywhere on the island. Not bad.


Danielle and Pat: Married in Jamaica

Jamaica...ah yes. I photographed Danielle and Pat's Montego Bay wedding in early April. The weather was perfect, the water was warm and the Red Stripe was flowing. Shout out to the Jacksons for a) being so easy going and photogenic and b) getting married late in the day so I could take advantage of some pretty cool light.

From the resort, to the aqueducts near the golf course, followed by the limo ride to the reception everything was all good. Everything except the fire breather that in retrospect, I might have been a little to close to.

"fire breathin' dragon better not harm me, or be sorry when he meets my one man army."
-Lupe Fiasco


The Identical Duo

I don't know about you but when I was 16, I wasn't hopping on planes and visiting family members 2,000 miles away...by myself. My twin nieces did just that when they came to visit me in Washington DC during their spring break.

In true tourist fashion, one of their first orders of business was to make a purchase at the sweatshirt/hot dog/ice cream/battery/disposable camera shop so often seen near the heavily traveled areas of the District. They purchased identical purple hoodies cheaply stitched with "Washington DC" and pretty much wore them the rest of the trip.

While visiting most of the major monuments and museums, we all made our first trip to the National Archives. I've walked past that building many times since I've lived here and never thought twice about it. But the twins were right in the middle of discussing those historical documents in school...which we all thought was pretty cool.

Mostly I just took pictures as they walked around the city.