Danielle and Pat: Married in Jamaica

Jamaica...ah yes. I photographed Danielle and Pat's Montego Bay wedding in early April. The weather was perfect, the water was warm and the Red Stripe was flowing. Shout out to the Jacksons for a) being so easy going and photogenic and b) getting married late in the day so I could take advantage of some pretty cool light.

From the resort, to the aqueducts near the golf course, followed by the limo ride to the reception everything was all good. Everything except the fire breather that in retrospect, I might have been a little to close to.

"fire breathin' dragon better not harm me, or be sorry when he meets my one man army."
-Lupe Fiasco


Casey said...

Mike, these pictures are beautiful! Must have been a rough assignment ;)

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

so tough...it was a challenge! i might have to hang it up.