NCAA Men's and Women's Indoor Track and Field Championships

A few months ago, I photographed a bunch of college students running fast, jumping high and throwing heavy things at and indoor setting on the campus of Texas A&M. I think my favorite events to photograph were the pole vault because the athletes looked like they were falling out of the sky and the 100m races because the celebrations came less than a second after crossing the finish line. Also, there were so many events going on at once that if you blinked...you might have missed something. Big shout to the Texas A&M men's squad and the Oregon women's squad for taking home the national titles.


Univision 45 Houston for Houstonia Magazine

I spent a couple of days making my way through the hallways and newsroom of Houston's Univision television station for Houstonia Magazine. It was quite fascinating to see how a nightly newscast comes together from gathering information, meeting with the news team, discussing stories and eventually writing the copy and presenting it to the audience. Oh, and anything can happen at any time so you have to be ready for that as well. Big shout to Univision 45 for letting me kick it with them at work. Check out the article written by Adam Doster HERE!


The Reality of Wrestling

I recently worked on a wrestling project that was a winner in PDN's Adrenaline competition! Reality of Wrestling is an independent pro wrestling circuit based in Texas City, Texas and founded by former WWE + WCW 5-time champion Booker T. I spent the night backstage and ringside while the wrestlers prepared, practiced and then performed for the audience. The athleticism was obvious and incredible but the real fun was watching the wrestlers transform into their personas once they slipped through the sliver of black curtain and made their way to the ring. Check out a gallery of images from that night HERE!