Timothy Russell aka Guilla x Tennis

Ripping off his shirt, screaming into mics and jumping off things is how Guilla is known around H-Town when he performs at various shows around the city. But you can also see Guilla aka Timothy Russell display his athleticism in other ways. You can find him on the south side of Houston, Texas at MacGregor Park. He is an excellent tennis player and teaches lessons daily on the hard court. Literally. 

I've photographed him during a show and his constant kinetic energy makes him a difficult subject to capture. So I asked him to be the hero of a tennis project I'm working on. I wanted to convey the hard work and solitude involved in becoming really, really good at tennis. He nailed it. It helps that he kind of looks like he straight out of the 70s. Shoutout to Mr. Russell and the MacGregor Park hitting wall. 

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