The Great Bull Run - Houston

Good afternoon, friends. You are looking live from the streets of Pamplona, Spain a racetrack in Baytown, Texas where many participants will voluntarily be chased by an angry herd of bulls. Before the animals get too close, those said participants will either dive toward the side rails for tenuous safety or be trampled. No one is out running them. No one.

I witnessed this event back in January and took pictures for your enjoyment. Well, mostly for money, but a little for your enjoyment. And to top off the adrenalin rush of being chased by extremely strong and deceptively quick thousand pound male mammals, you have the option of engaging in a crazy tomato fight where no one walks away unsullied. No one. Shouts to The Great Bull Run...it comes back to Houston September 20th so sign up if you're so inclined.

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