Go Skate Day 2009

As I'm driving down 14th St. jamming Wale, I see someone in a bright, turquoise shirt fly up in the air and come right back down. While passing the scene, I see more turquoise shirts, a few Red Bull vehicles, a cop car, skinny jeans, and skateboards...lots of skateboards. I had two good things going for me at that point: 1) It was one of those few days this month that rain was absent in DC and 2) I had my gear. I made a left and another left...and yet another left, looking for parking. Apparently it was Go Skate Day.

Upon closer inspection of the scene, I saw torn skinny jeans, ripped up sneakers, wallet chains, skin artwork (tats and scabs), lots of Red Bull, cigs, 40 oz. bottles and ah yes...purple haze. A ramp was constructed (sponsored by Red Bull: keeping hearts beating unusually fast) in a parking lot and participants took turns risking their bones doing tricks on their boards.

I spent about two hours at that place taking pictures, but I'm still kicking myself for not shooting any portraits. Go Skate Day 2010, coming to a city near you. Shout out to organized chaos.

He finally nailed it.

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Tracy said...

Great photos you captured the seen well. I happen to have my nifty-fifty in hand and got some nice shots. I too am kicking myself for not getting more portraits. Rats!