The 37th Annual Capital Classic

Well I guess I'm done predicting when the high school basketball season will be over because I've consistently been proven wrong. The 37th Annual Capital Classic took place at the alma mater last Thursday night and just so happens to be the longest running high school basketball all star game in the country. This years US All Star team wasn't as well known as the more popular players chose to go for the McDonald's All-American game and the Jordan Brand Classic. Since high school seniors can only participate in up to two post-season all star games, wouldn't you choose the most famous one and the one with the freshest gear? I must say, the Capital All Star team had some great players this year. Or maybe I'm just biased because I've seen them play all season. Shout out to Elton Brand...did you really sign-off on these sneakers?

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Victor Oladipo (Indiana) over Nate Lubick (Georgetown)
Malcolm Lemmons (Robert Morris)Daryl Traynham (University of Massachusetts)

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