Warm LAX: Landon and Coronado

Alright, basketball season is really over this time. On to lacrosse...and sometimes baseball...and maybe even a little spring soccer. I confess, this was actually my second lacrosse game of the season. The first game was a failure that culminated in a combination of unfortunate circumstances. It was still 40 degrees outside + it was windy + the sun was nowhere to be seen + the game was taking forever = me leaving after the 3rd quarter. I know, I know...I'm not proud, but you should have been there. This time, Landon crushed a Coronado team from California who was making an east coast lacrosse trip. Shout out to my two favorite people, Eighty and Sunny...oh how I've missed you so.

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Landon Coronado LacrosseLandon Coronado Lacrosse

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