The Goodman League: Day 1

I've been thinking about shooting out here for a long time. Back when I was still in school and Gilbert Arenas was drawing Kobe comparisons in Washington DC, I was thinking about it. The problem was that all I did was think about it.

This summer, man this is very tough, I'm gonna take my talents to Southeast and photograph The Goodman League. (In my Lebron James voice). Seriously though, The Goodman League has a 30 year history of hosting some of the best ballers in the country on the outdoor courts of Barry Farms. On any given evening, you never know who might show up.

I've always enjoyed the competition that outdoor basketball incites. The ground is harder, the sun is hotter and every point is more difficult to score than the last. So why not, once again, mix two of the things I love the most and spend some time making photographs.

June 6, 2011 was day one of the league. The crowd was thick for two reasons: opening night and Kevin Durant. Yes the two time scoring champ and pride of Montrose Christian showed up to play ball with the playoff exit wounds still fresh. He came through in a pair of bright yellow sneakers and armed with a wicked jump shot. Everyone wanted a piece of the NBA star whether trying to cross him up or D him up but KD played emotionless, sinking jumper after jumper. His team took the L in a close game but his appearance kicked off a great start to the season. Shout out to Miles Rawls and Mac Williams...preciate it!

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