The Goodman League: Day 3

Day 3 of my Goodman League coverage and we take the basketball party inside to the hardwood. During the weekend the Goodman League oversees the Goodman Coalition which showcases 2 high school and 3 pro-am contests at Spingarn High School in Washington DC. Unlike in the outdoor games, the participants are a little more eager to hit the floor for loose balls and take a chance on the lightning quick passes that miss their mark under the darkness inside "da Gates".

So far I'm 3 for 3 in shooting on days where former and current NBA players show up. The first two times it was Kevin Durant. This time it was Ty Lawson and all time Big East leading scorer (who knew?) and Syracuse alum Lawrence Moten, scoring at will at 39 years of age. James Harden got major props for putting in 51 at The Drew League out in LA but Lawson came through with 47...that's gotta be good for something right? AND Old Man Moten poured in 33.

A few observations:
- Ty Lawson is quicker than I am
- Bobby Maze former Tennessee Volunteer (yellow Adidas) looks a lot like Allen Iverson
- Coaches were actually coaching
- Lawrence Moten (cornrows) was born to score
- ink, ink and more ink

Shout out once again to Miles and Mac for keeping the Goodman going.
Ty Lawson Denver NuggetsTy Lawson Denver NuggetsLawrence Moten Syracuse

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