Hip Hop Live

I shot the Hip Hop Live Tour stop here in Washington DC at 9:30 Club as you might know from the previous post. The lineup of the show was...Rhythm Root All-Stars (a ten piece band from California), B.O.B. (young rapper/singer/guitar player from ATL), David Banner and Talib Kweli.

Usually I'm not a huge fan of live hip hop shows. To impress me, you've gotta give me a SHOW! And David Banner did just that. His wild man antics on and mostly off stage were something I'd never seen before. From climbing up to the second level of the 9:30 Club, to jumping down from the second level, to standing on the bar, to spraying the crowd with a shaken up Heineken. He was all over the place and showed just how much he loves his fans. In my younger days, I wrote a review about one of his albums. It seems I wasn't a fan then, but I am now.

B.O.B. sounds like a young Andre 3000...and he plays the guitar. Talib Kweli, while boasting impressive lyrics, put on a so-so performance in my very humble opinion. Shout out to BrightestYoungThings.com.

Rhythm Root All-Stars guitarist

David Banner

Talib Kweli

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