Leaving Stagnation

Had the opportunity to photograph Brooklyn MC Deontre Blayz early Sunday morning. You might have seen him here before. His upcoming project is a mixtape entitled Leaving Stagnation (also hosted by DJ Anonymous) due to drop 01-01-10. He says Leaving Stagnation "is about the feeling of being stuck and the sudden realization that you should just take off and leave that place behind." Something that all creatives can probably relate to.

We hit Gravelly Point at about sunrise to maximize the quality of light and minimize the number of people standing around in my frame. It turned out that the planes didn't depart as often as we thought they might nor were they as big as we thought they should be. I guess all of the puddle jumpers are slated for early flights. We also ventured inside of Reagan National to see what images we could find. We found a few in baggage claim but luckily we didn't find any airport security. Follow Deontre Blayz on Twitter. Shout out to airports. I might want to explore them a little more.

Deontre Blayz
Deontre BlayzDeontre Blayz


Mark Sutton said...

The first image is awesome. What did you do? Lighting, photoshop?

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

Held a Canon 580EX flash with an umbrella camera left...it was a workout. little bit of photoshop of course

jeffro said...

Nice work!

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

hey thanks jeffro