8to8: CJ Leo -- Protective Services Police Department

For this installment of 8to8, I spent a shift with Protective Services Police Officer CJ Leo. The District of Columbia Protective Services Police Department is a force responsible for providing police and security services to all District Government Facilities throughout the District of Columbia. By the description, you'd think that all they do is stand guard in front of local government buildings but they are responsible for a lot more. They share the Metropolitan Police Department dispatch channels and respond to calls if they're in the area.

I learned from Officer Leo and his partner of the ride along jinx. Similar to the way that the Madden cover ruins seasons, the ride along ruins any chance of exciting activity. I didn't know what to expect so anything that happened would have been interesting to me. As far as Jack Bauer goes, the day was pretty uneventful. While I was present, they did the routine building checks, ran the IDs of some guys drinking outside, and tried to track down a girl who ran away from the Child and Family Services Agency. The action occurred when the officers went to serve an arrest warrant to a gentleman charged with making misdemeanor threats. It turned out that the guy had a respiratory problem and couldn't carry enough oxygen tanks to last him through the night in jail. Instead, he was told to turn himself in on Monday morning.

Another day, another 8. I'm always looking for my next subject so contact me via email or hit me up on twitter if you're interested or know someone who might be.

On a sad note, a woman was hit by a truck near Nationals Park that day. It was a call that the officers would have responded to as it was in their patrol area, but we were at headquarters because I needed to sign a waiver.

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