Portraits of David Kahn

You guys ever heard of David Kahn? Assuming you're saying "Nope, sure haven't Mike." I'm saying, "me either." After photographing NCAA basketball tournament participant and American University arch nemesis Bucknell men's basketball, I had the good fortune to photograph a Bucknell alum.

David Kahn wrote a book on cryptography called The Codebreakers. And with him being one of the leading experts in cryptography, we met at the National Cryptologic Museum near Ft. Meade, Maryland. I didn't know this place existed and no wonder because although cool and in the cut, it is a far cry from the Smithsonian powerhouses located in the District. In this particular place, he is somewhat of a celebrity. I actually photographed him in a room called The David Kahn Library in which he donated over 2,800 books.

Shout out to Dr. Khan who is an interesting man with funny stories and extreme amounts of patience for the idiot with the camera.


Loopaleep said...

Nicely done.

Michael Starghill Jr. said...

Thanks man, appreciate you checking it out!