Alaska: Summer 2014

The Last Frontier, The Great Frontier, The 49th State, Seward's Folly. Otherwise known as Alaska. My wife and I and her family spent about 10 days in the great state (not to be confused with The Great State), hiking, riding, trekking and overall enjoying the beauty of Alaska and all it's wonders. Anchored in Anchorage, we visited places like Chugach State Park, Seward, Denali National Park and Homer. Each as beautiful as the last.

It's also great for photography. Not only are there plenty of wildlife and amazing vistas, there is an abundance of daylight at almost 18 hours per day. The only downside is that the golden hour starts at around 1030p near sunset and 4a near sunrise.

Check out the pictures below and if you see something you fancy, head on over to the PRINT STORE!

Shout out to Wasilla. We stopped at the post office there, but there were no Palins in sight.  

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