Lutheran South Academy vs. St. John XXIII Football

Ahhhh yessssss. Early September marks my first football game of the season. This year, the Lutheran South Academy Pioneers took on the St. John XXIII Lions. Two years ago, St. John XXIII was known as Pope John XXIII but I was completely unaware of the late pope's transition to sainthood. But I am now aware, as are all of you. The good thing about last Friday's game and most games in September is that the Earth takes it's sweet time rotating away from the sun so I was able to partake in some pretty good light during the race to nightfall. The bad thing about last Friday's game was that Lutheran South got a good amount of rain throughout the day so every step I took on the sideline mid-way through the first quarter, was a rain soaked mess. The Pioneers ran away with a 49-7 victory en route to a 2-0 record on the season. #FootballBack

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