Steve Slaton at Underbelly

This is Steve Slaton. You might remember him and Pat White wreaking havoc from the backfield at West Virginia University. You might remember him being a 3rd round pick of the Houston Texans in the 2008 NFL Draft. You might remember him playing with the Miami Dolphins and/or the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL...but I doubt it. I definitely remember him being a highly rated running back in a couple of iterations of the EA Sports NCAA Football video games. But that's just me.

Now he's in culinary school, rushing to his new career in the kitchen. The homey Joey LoMonaco of The Dominion Post came to Houston to do a story on Mr. Slaton who is currently working at Underbelly, one of the dopest restaurants in town. You should give it a read, here. Shout out to an empty Underbelly. It makes shooting there muuuuuuch easier.

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