Tom Herman + The Houston Cougars

Last year, I worked on a college football story that ended up not getting published :(. It was about Tom Herman, his rise with the University of Houston football program and the relationship with his players. I was pretty much assigned to follow Coach Herman on game day. This particular game day was one of importance, relatively speaking. The Louisville Cardinals came into town with a 9-1 record, the eventual Heisman Trophy winner and sights set on the College Football Playoff. Well, the Houston Cougars had other plans. They had already lost two games in that season and rumors were swirling of their coach leaving...which he eventually did #hookem. The Cougar defense had their sights set on shutting down all that Heisman noise. And they did, even if it was just for one night. 11 sacks, 9 hurries and 3 fumbles later, Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals were sent home after just scoring 10 points on the night.

Shout out to all of the special guests that showed up on the sideline during that game including, Carl Lewis, Z-Ro and Waka Flocka among others.

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