3 years and counting

I thought this was the year. I thought this was the year my Coolidge Colts (yes, MY) were going to the Turkey Bowl and taking the championship to 5th St. The third time was supposed to be the charm. This year, this season, I thought that I would have the privilege of photographing high school football on Thanksgiving morning before I jetted off to visit my girlfriend and her family. But now I feel like the Chicago Cubs...wait 'til next year. Every practice I attend, every game I photograph and every halftime speech that I've clicked the shutter through has made me more and more partial to the orange, gray (allegedly) and white.

Last Saturday, for the second year in a row, Coolidge fell to HD Woodson in the semi final. 30-24, bad guys. To
Emanuel Yeager, Derrell Person, Dewayne Jones, Tisean Redmon, Kwaizi Butler, Waaiz Bell, Mark Whitehead, Donald Stewart, Irvin Proctor, Aaron Wallace, Tim Sunkins and Dana Rhea, it's been real and best of luck to you after graduation. But to everyone else, we still got next year. Shout out to the 2008 Coolidge Colts.

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