8to8: Michael Brown -- At-Large Council Member

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to spend time with Michael Brown documenting a day in the life of a DC councilman. As I said before, I never know what to expect during these assignments. They usually include a lot of meetings and a lot of talking and none of the action that I'm used to. So the real challenge here is to find good pictures in this slow motion environment.

Brown was recently elected in the November 2008 elections as an At-Large member after losing in a 2006 mayoral bid and a 2007 Ward 4 council election. Word on the street is that he may run for mayor this year if Council Chairman Vincent Gray decides not to. Shout out to Michael Brown and staff for their participation in the project.

P.S. this blog post includes an embedded slideshow so it might not be viewable in your feed reader. You might just have to head to the site Untitled, Michael Starghill.

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Unknown said...

Mr. Brown

As a conservative I wanted to drop you a note. I watched you on Hannity last night and really respect the way you continue to appear on his show. You are a very intelligent man and made many good points when you weren't being interupted. I don't agree with all your stands on the issues I have seen discussed in the past. But I do believe you are due more respect than you were shown.