Hoyas Win! Hoyas Win! Hoyas Win!

Watching a great, down to the wire game on television is a whole lot different than shooting one. In fact watching any basketball game is totally different from shooting one. When I'm sitting on the baseline, I don't know what defense the teams are playing, who has how many timeouts or even what the score is. I just want to see someone (anyone) drive to the basket, absorb some contact, attempt a layup, miss, then have people fight for the rebound. Repeat. That's where all the pictures are...a game full of jumpshots = wack pictures. Luckily, the Hoyas play in the Big East where it's pretty much "no blood, no foul".

Last Saturday was one of those games where I had to watch the clock and the score very closely as time winded down. The Hoyas played and won a helluva game against UConn last Saturday as Austin Freeman led them to victory with 28 second half points. And on another note it seems that playing basketball with my mouth open will make me a better player...everyone else is doing it. Shout out to junior guard Austin Freeman for having the game of his career thus far at Georgetown. I sure did shoot his high school games...does that mean I'm getting old?

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